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Students and families in the Washington metropolitan area seeking assistance with post-secondary education, financial aid, and careers are welcomed. Whether you are a middle or high school student, undergraduate or graduate student, parent or adult learner, Reach4Success offers a variety of programs and services to meet your college planning needs.

In 1996, the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area established the College Info Center as a centralized, accessible resource for postsecondary information and advising services. Reach4Success emerged from the services offered by the Greater Washington College Info Center (CIC).


Reach4Success Staff

James Rose


Thelma Murray-Fisher

College Information Center Advisor

Attilla Seymour

College Information Center Advisor

Wendell Keller

College Information Center Advisor


David Williams

Social Media Specialist




1425 H Street NE, Suite 4
Washignton, DC 20002
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1425 H Street NE, Suite 4
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 517-8932

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