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Get Financially Fit for College is a five-week series of workshops for parents and family members of middle school students. If you think you can’t afford to save for college, this series is for you! Financial planners, college savings experts and college advisors help you learn how you can get ready for college costs and help your child prepare for college.

For more information on our current workshop series, contact James Rose, Director, at 202-442-8398, or email


“I really enjoyed today’s workshop. I came there knowing nothing and left feeling confident that I won’t have to pay for my daughter to go to school in Maryland. I was sooo excited that I told all my family members and two friends I ran into at the grocery store. They said they are going to email you. I can’t wait to tell my homeschool friends. I would equate this feeling to having a cure for cancer and wanting to tell everyone about the cure. I look forward to your next workshop. I know what my daughter and I will be doing this summer, successfully applying for scholarships.”

Toni Johnson, Workshop attendee